Letter Opinion and Suggestions to Restaurant

Topics: Food, Debut albums, Toilet Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: May 18, 2011
Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to commend on your new opened McDonald's restaurant in Rzeszow, which I recently had opportunity to visit. I am a regular guest in your chain of restaurants so it was pleasure for me to hear that the new one is situated near my living place. Moreover, standard of this branch did not disappointed my expectations. I was positively surprised that the staff was very friendly and helpful. They serve food as quick as it is possible with a smile and nice attitude. I truly appreciate the fact that meals are hot, fresh and in available prices. Additionaly, I noticed many tills which makes ordering easier and helps to avoid queues. Arrangement of sits supposed to be highlighted as well. In my opinion there is a lot of space with many tables. That enables customers to enjoy their meals in comfortable and calm atmosphere. I may say that colours and decoration appeal to me and help to relax during the visit. I think all these aspects are worth minding becouse they make people come back again. However, there are few minor details which might be done in slightly different way. I would feel much more satisfied when my order would be brought to the table by a staff member. It does not require much effort but would make a visit more pleasing. Moreover, I noticed that some tables were not cleaned, this is definitely duty of a staff. Finally, I would like to mention one more issue: when I had to go to the toilet I found that it is needed to enter a code from a receipt to get in. It seems quite strange to me and should be changed. I hope these suggestions will be taken into consideration and help you to improve standard of your restaurant. I am sure that I will be your regular customer and I hope that every next visit will be as pleasant as the last one. I wish you great success and many customers in this place.

Yours sincerely,
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