The Problem Of Illegal Immigration

Topics: United States, World War II, Immigration to the United States, McCarthyism, Cold War, Communism / Pages: 1 (207 words) / Published: Mar 13th, 2017
Millions of illegal aliens pouring into the United States for American’s jobs, lowering the pay of the hard-working American, and killing legal civilians in the process. These absurd and mostly not true reasoning’s underlay the idea of destroying all illegal immigration. A staggering statistic regarding the illegal immigration population is spoken about by many politicians to mold the minds of the American people into believing that the instance is all bad. Areas of concern include stolen jobs from Americans, higher criminal activity, and cause for lower national wages. Chris Farrell, who writes for Bloomberg Businessweek and works for public radio stations; opposes the strict laws against immigration instead, pushes forward the idea of a way

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