Immigration to the United States and Illegal Immigrants

Topics: Immigration to the United States, United States, Immigration Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Jake Neuber
Prof. Kotti
English 102-002
18 November 2013

Temcredo, Tom. In Mortal Danger: The Battle forAmerica’s Border and Security Cumberland House Publishing. 2002. Print.
In the artcile I read out of this book I leanred a lot about immigration battles that are going on as I type this paper, actually. Temcredo discusses how much of an issue illegal immigration is in the United States. He talks about how unfair it is that millions of people cross our border and reep from the benefits of America, illegally. He is an extreme republican, as you can probably tell, so he does not believe he should have to in essence “share” with people that are not even here legally. This source will help me discover some of the more evils of illegal immigration.

Lina Newtown. Illegal, Alien, or immigrant: The Politics of Immigration Reformation. NYU Press. 2008.
In this article Lina Newton really focuses on the politics of immigration. She hits on all the in and outs of the policies that come with the immigration reformation. This entire books focuses on policies governing race, immigrants, and member ship in America. That is something huge. Membership in America. It means a lot to be a member of such a fantastic country that when people are here illegally it is quite irritating.

Roberts Bryan. Managing Illegal Immigration to the United States: How Effective is Enforcement. Council on Freign Relations Press. 2013.

Bryan hits on the enforcement of the prevention of illegal immigrants crossing the borders. This article out of his book was very intriguing because it showed how weak our border efforts actually are. However, he did approach many of his information in a biased way so I am a little reluctant to belive everything he writes about. The enforcement has a whole needs to be extremely modified to fit the qualifications of keeping illegal immigrants out. I feel that this article will fuel my entire essay based on the fact that the...
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