Issues Related to Immigrants in Us

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Immigration Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Suman rajbhandari

Issues related to immigrants in US

Immigration is the process of foreigners settling into another country permanently for the purpose of employment, education, or any other purpose. Immigration has been an issue to United States for decades. The question whether Immigration in US is harmful to the country or not has been debated since ages and will be a subject of debate in future too. We have seen that being immigrant in US has helped many of the immigrants whereas on the other side it has been a leading cause of problems like depression, suicide etc. Being immigrant in US for someone means a lot of difficulties in terms of adapting to the foreign soil. An individual has to start a new life from ground zero regardless of his/her position in the previous countries. There is an only 5% chance that any individual can continue the career from where he/she dropped from the country of origin which brings a lot of depression among the immigrants. For most people, being amongst friends and relatives means a lot and gives happiness and relief to their lives. In this case nothing can be a substitute of the affection of relationships. Being immigrants, they have to stay thousands of miles apart and have to suffer this separation each and every day which leads to loneliness. This can also be a cause of depression for more than 70% immigrants according to a survey report. Big difference in the skills and education also sets the immigrants back from finding the right job at the start. Even though an immigrant has knowledge and skills from their previous homeland but due to the requirement of the US companies that the education and experience be from the US based companies, immigrants are finding harder to match the job with their skills. A lot of foreigners who move to US had first-class jobs in high positions before they were immigrants. When they reach US, it is now a different ball game. Some have hard times to find their match and thus, have to...
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