The Princess And The Frog2

Topics: Gender, Femininity, Gender role Pages: 3 (721 words) Published: February 4, 2015
1) Tiana = female
2) Prince Naveen = male
3) Dr. Facillier = male
4) Louis = male (alligator)
5) Charlotte LaBouff = female

Tiana (stereotypical masculine traits)
Her feminist ideas are shown from a very early age at six-years-old. She shows her dislike for fairytales and stories where a man saves the woman. When she was told about the story of a frog prince, Tiana is in complete shock when she hears that the princess has to kiss the frog in order to transform it into the prince and live happily ever after. Through Tiana’s disgust and rejection of the “kissing a frog to get a prince” idea, she is also rejecting the idea of needing a prince to save her. She is a strong believer that she can reach a happily ever after through her own hard work and dedication. When she is older, her dream of owning her own restaurant stays her number one priority. Tiana is presented as a strong workingwoman, not a woman who stays at home taking care of a husband and family. In fact, a marriage and family is the last thing on her mind. When her mother wants her to get married, she rejected it. Tiana is demonstrating a very feminist idea that marriage is not something a woman has to do. She has a choice to marry or not and she should not be judged on her decision.

However, Tiana conveys typical female emotions when in love, which is seen at the end of the movie after she finds out the prince was planning on marrying Charlotte. Along with her emotions, Tiana’s disgust with frogs and bugs is also an example of how Tiana conforms to female standards.

Charlotte LaBouff (stereotypical feminine traits)
She is shown as a young girl with the more traditional views of femininity and female roles. She falls in love with the story and finds it incredibly romantic. Her embracing of the story demonstrates her acceptance that a man is necessary for a woman to have a happily ever after. Even at six-years-old, she has internalized what society believes a woman must want: a...
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