Frozen Review

Topics: Sibling, Film, Love, Los Angeles, Mickey Mouse, Audience / Pages: 2 (635 words) / Published: Jul 12th, 2015
Frozen (2013)
Olivia Tsetsos

Disney’s new musical extravaganza does not disappoint with yet another timeless classic. The 3-D adventure wants to subside the platform of the typical Disney princess movie while simultaneously remaining true to their winning formula. The film encourages women to support each other- a crucial message when petty, vulgar girls seem to be so common.

After the kingdom of Arendelle is set into eternal winter by Queen Elsa, her quirky sister Anna unites with an ice maker named Kristoff and his friendly reindeer Sven along with the ludicris snowman named Olaf to rid the kingdom of the icy curse.

Frozen’s tale of an older sister who grows up and neglects her younger sister is a familiar dynamic to any child who’s had a sibling which contributes to the easy to relate to storyline. As we’ve seen in other recent Disney releases such as “Brave”, the helpless princess angel has been downplayed and instead Frozen embraces the importance of girl power through courageous heroine leads. Like all Disney movies, Frozen is a fairytale about true love, however the tale’s love focuses primarily between the sisters, a refreshing twist. The dynamics of this movie strays away from the traditional Disney fashion and has leads us to broadened the image of what a modern day Disney princess consists of. In the midst of the film we discover one of the many important lessons; which is to try to accept people who are different from us, even if those differences are unfamiliar. People are often afraid of the unknown. The story teaches us to gain strength in embracing differences rather than being afraid of the unknown.

For the first time in Disney history, there is not one, but two female protagonists. A large difference in this Disney film is the portrayal of good and evil. This time the evil exists within its heroine, Elsa. The audience is easily able to get the sense of melancholy that consumes Elsa’s every instance since she is unable to escape

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