Accepting Fairytales In The Frog Prince

Topics: Fairy tale, Love, Brothers Grimm, Sleeping Beauty, William Shakespeare, Marriage / Pages: 1 (115 words) / Published: Sep 18th, 2016
Even though fairytales don't always end the way we want them to, we usually expect them to end with a prince saving a princess from being poisoned or being mistreated by step-sisters. Not in this case, according to the Grimms Brothers version, "The Frog Prince," a young infantile princess comes across a prince that was cursed into a frog. The only way he can break this curse is for him to ask a princess to promise to be his sweetheart. The moral of this fairytale is to show how appearances can be very deceiving. True beauty hides from within and we never know what love is until it is standing right in front of

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