Analysis Of 10 Reasons Why Children Should Read Non-Disney Fairy Tales
Topics: Fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, Gender, Gender role, Disney Princess, Brothers Grimm / Pages: 2 (294 words) / Published: May 25th, 2016

Many people have contemplated if whether or not to let children watch or read Disney fairytales. In my perspective, I believe that children should be granted to watch Disney fairytales. Today my goal is for you to be convinced into my opinions and/or reasons to why fairytales are good for children. My thoughts are referred from “10 Reasons Why Kids Need To Read Non-Disney Fairy Tales” by Melissa Taylor, the genre being why fairy tales should be read by kids.
For young children, people (specifically parents) are worried about the disney character’s dress code. I do not notice the characters wearing short shorts and crop tops showing off so much skin. The boy characters are covered up from head to toe, except for Aladdin. Even though Aladdin

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