The Practice and Supervision

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511. Analyze Principles, Scope and purpose of professional supervision. Professional supervision is a formal arrangement which enables each member of staff to discuss their work regularly with another experienced practitioner. The experienced practitioner known as supervisor facilitates the discussion with less experienced member of staff, the supervisee. All clinical supervision has three core functions 1. Provide support to staff in their work. 2. Promote personal and professional development & 3. Promote quality care and support services. According to my work placement Supervision is available for all staff as recommended by National Minimum Care Standards act, ie atleast 6 times a year for the individuals who are regularly involved in the care. My work placement policy states that the content of the supervision will be strict confidential, but disclosure of information affecting the well being of the resident will be recorded by the supervisor and will be acted upon. I understand that supervision will not be used to asses performance or competence. Purpose of supervision can be categorized on different aspects. Management:

*To make the staff to feel that all are accountable for the work done. *Learning about the policies and procedures to maintain standards in care delivery. *Supervision helps everyone to look at; how he or she thinks they function. *For encouraging staff to Observe & Assess service provision. Education:

*Assessing one’s own strengths or weakness.
*Encouraging the celebration of strengths.
*Identify help with weakness.
*Training needs identified.
*Introduction of new policies and procedures..
*Discussion regarding appropriate Books, Videos and training Courses. *Discussion regarding different learning experiences.
*Supervision points the staff in right direction.
*Create safe environment where emotions can be expressed without fear of ridicule or criticism. Advise help with adjustments. Mediation:
* Link between the ‘organization’, Management team, other staff and changes. I understand that with good supervision staff will feel their skills are appreciated, that they are valued and part of the whole team. It is vital that both Supervisors and supervisee’s understand the importance of supervision and how it can help an organization to provide a quality service for their clients and at the same time to promote staff morale, and the professional and personal development of the staff. 511 LO 1.2

Outline the theories and models of professional supervision. Models and theories are a set of principles that help us understand and process information. Working on an assumption or within a framework allows the staff to work with purpose and direction. Developmental Models of Supervision

Developmental models of clinical supervision suggest that supervisees pass through a series of developmental stages. There are two basic concepts of developmental supervision: The first describes the counselor moving through a series of stages that are quite different from one another. The counselor is striving for competence. Second, each stage must be qualitatively different if maximum growth is to occur. Three different models of developmental supervision are presented below. Littrell, Lee-Borden, & Lorenz Model This model attempts to match supervisor behavior to the developmental needs of the supervisees.  The Stoltenberg and Delworth Model

Stoltenberg and Delworth described three developmental levels of the supervision process and eight dimensions. The Stoltenberg and Delworth model has three levels of development. The three structures proposed to trace the progress of trainees through the levels on each dimension are: 1. The trainee’s awareness of self and others

2. Motivation toward the developmental process
3. The amount of dependency or autonomy displayed by the trainee The eight dimensions are:
1. Intervention skills
2. Assessment techniques
3. Interpersonal...
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