The Pornography Argument: For and Against Censorship

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 4 (928 words) Published: April 30, 2014
Pornography is a billion dollar business in America. It takes form in all sorts of media, including clips on the internet, magazines, movies, books, and artistic illustrations by which it has made its way into the homes of many people today. The issue of pornography acceptance in society is somewhat based on personal opinion. A large number of Americans enjoy porn and form part of the billion market, whereas others find pornography distasteful and want censorship. There are two sides to the pornography argument, those for censorship and those against censorship. I find that censorship, or the anti-pornography argument is stronger, however, I will justly lay down each side of the argument appropriately.

Pornography can be defined as “sexually explicit words or images intended to provoke sexual arousal” and will be used in this context for both sides of the argument. The anti-pornography argument says that pornography is immoral because it is offensive to those with religious beliefs. It promotes sexual arousal which can lead to immoral things such as premarital sex, infidelity, and addiction. These things affect various other aspects to one’s life like his/her character, beliefs, and values. Many for censorship do not acknowledge that pornography can be a means for safe personal pleasure. Another belief that the anti-pornography argument holds is that pornography is degrading and contains aggression towards women. Thus, pornography can also lead to rape or sexual violence. Those against pornography feel that sex trafficking, an international problem, significantly drives the demand and production of pornography. On the other side, people that are against the censorship of pornography hold their beliefs in autonomy. With this view, pornography cannot be banned or censored because each individual is entitled to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Pornography can be a form of expression and people are free to publish, create, purchase,...

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