The Placebo Effect Is Not Miraculous

Topics: Placebo, Medicine, Medical terms Pages: 7 (2901 words) Published: December 7, 2012
The placebo effect is not miraculous
The word placebo come from the Latin word “I shall please” actually refers to an effective yet less understood healing process in which the involvement of that could be effective as any conventional therapy for a wide range in medical and psychological problems. Before moving further discussion about involvement of placebo effect in medical treatment, firstly the identities of placebo need to be known. Generally, definition of placebos are inert tablets, sham surgery, or any other procedure, is actually simulated or other medically ineffectual treatment for certain medical condition intended to merely deceived the recipient by hoping takers experienced actual improvement in medical condition. As an inability to fully explain the system of placebo works, many people think that this is a spontaneous remission or in other word they are feeling better for unknown reasons- some people really think that this a pure miracle since the assumption of the placebo effects relies on something so ethereal and it already become a major factor therapy despite science could not give fully explanation of this phenomenon. Discussing about miracle is not an easy task as the miracle could never been explained by logical thinking and proven scientifically but at the same time we could not simply ignore the following story of a man in 1950’s successfully cured his cancer after taking a single dose of a pill named “krebiozen”, his huge cancer “melted like snowballs on hot stove” although the studies of “krebiozen” showed to be ineffective as it is actually a mere sugar. The story is getting more interesting when the man finally knew that the pill is actually a fake and his cancer once again began spreading and the doctor once again make up a beautiful life by announced that there was a new, "improved" krebiozen and the he would now receive it. Once again his tumours shrank. Yet in fact the doctor had given him only water and “krebiozen” showed no improvement to other patients. (Case was reported by psychologist Bruno Klopfer of the University of California, Los Angeles, entitled “Psychological Variables in Human Cancer). Regarding to this story, many would believe that placebo effect is a miracle finding in medical field but “krebiozen” is not a magical pill as it did not work to other patients. Perhaps “krebiozen” is only miracle toward him but not for the rest. Thus, placebo effect is not really a new “medical miracle” as it responds differently to various patients despite we could not totally reject the fact that placebo effect can work in certain conditions such as with coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, ulcers, migraine headaches, allergies, hay fever, acne, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, parkinsonism, pain, radiation sickness, and psychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety. In writing this essay, the discussion is only pointed to the question arises on whether the placebo effect is a miracle cures or not. The term of miraculous generally defined as something that could not been proven scientifically yet there have been numerous studies on the placebo effect which scientifically validate the technology. The effectiveness of the placebo effect is no doubt but it could not been accepted as the miraculous because natural healing process of human body, give mental strength to the patients to inspire minds in making the body feels better and the ability to deaden pain has been pointed to cells in the spinal cord. In order to understand on the question why people have such dramatic result after they begin taking placebo, understanding on how human body begin the disease process is necessary. In this paragraph, the discussion will only concentrate the usage of “sugar” in placebo treatment. The most fundamental thing is, “sugars” are not prescription drugs that are prescribed to “cure” any particular illness. In other word, the sugars used are not capable to fight the bad...
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