Case Conceptualization

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PSY 610Midterm Exam Prep
Chapter 1

1. The comment “In psychology, even the rats are white and male” refers to which of the following? a. Experimental psychologists continue to use only white male rats in their research studies. b. Psychotherapy is useful only for white males.

c. Most psychological theories were developed by white men of European descent and much of the research historically focused on whites and males. d. All of the above.
e. Only b and c.

2. Which of the following perspectives emphasizes relationship and community over individuality, and its beginnings occurred in the context of people’s experiences and interactions in personal, political, and professional settings? a. Biological perspective.

b. Psychosocial perspective.
c. Feminist-multicultural perspective.
d. Religious-spiritual perspective.
e. Relationship and community perspective
3. What do Theories do
a. Explain phenomena.
b. Involve gathering and organizing knowledge.
c. Help scientists make predictions.
d. All of the above.
e. Only a and b.

4. Which statement is least consistent with what Corsini and Wedding believed about counseling and psychotherapy? 5. What is most true about the status of therapy effectiveness? 6. According to Lambert, which common therapeutic factor(s) account(s) for approximately 15% of therapeutic change? A. Expectancy.

B. Techniques.
C. Extratherapeutic factors.
D. All of the above.
E. Both a and b (techniques and expectancy) account for 15%.

7. The goal of efficacy research involves tightly controlled experimental trials with high internal validity, whereas effectiveness research: 8. Which of the following is a descriptive term used for treatments that are manualized and shown to be superior to a placebo or other treatments? a. Medically proven treatments.

b. Research-based treatments.
c. Psychotherapy.
d. Empirically supported treatments.
e. Empirically satisfying treatments.

9. Which theorist(s) has/have claimed that their particular form of therapy can and should be used to predict and control human behavior? 10. Who wrote that any form of psychotherapy constitutes an oppressive process, since the imbalance of power entitles therapists to judge client thoughts, feelings, and behavior? 11. Having a reasonable theory and using it faithfully is one of the best ways to: 12. The emphasis on establishing empirical support for psychological treatments is partly a product of the need to: 13. A good ethical code for the counseling profession has all of the following dimensions EXCEPT to be: a. Flexible.

b. Educational.
c. Aspirational.
d. Judicial.
e. Both a and b.

14. Lambert’s extratherapeutic change factors include which of the following? a. Client factors.
b. Counseling techniques.
c. Client motivation.
d. All of the above.
e. Only a and c.

15. Of the following, the most essential strategy for developing competence as a therapist is: a. Working out your own issues.
b. Making sure that you are just a little bit healthier than your clients. c. Being your professor’s favorite student.
d. Reading at least five counseling books a month.
e. Obtaining a PhD instead of a PsyD.

16. Which of the following is/are important aspect(s) of informed consent? Confidentiality? a. Informing clients in what ways you intend to work with them. b. Involving your client in a dialogue about your therapy approach. c. Informing your client of your training status and supervision arrangements. d. All of the above.

e. Only a and b are a part of informed consent.

Chapter 2
1. Which of the following statements represent(s) either the definition of psychic determinism or implications associated with psychic determinism? a. Psychic determinism proposes an underlying psychological explanation for every emotion, thought, impulse, and behavior. b. Psychic determinism is a concept that lies at the heart of all psychic phenomena. In other words, if you can think it, you can create the reality. c....
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