Case Analysis

Topics: Finance, Bulacan, Management Pages: 16 (4833 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Bulacan State University
City of Malolos, Bulacan
College of Business Administration

Case Analysis: A Transition of a Firm and Its Internal/External Environments

In partial fulfillment of the
Requirements in MGT 413e

Submitted to:
Mrs. Ma. Lourdes Cervantes

Submitted by:
Bueno, Janelle
de Guzman, Rachel
Joaquin, Lieme
Mendoza, Danielle
Montano, Darwin
Ongo, Emmith
Tolentino, Angelica


This case analysis project would not have been possible without the help and support of many people that the group wants to thank.
First of all, everyone wishes to express their gratitude to their beloved families for their endless guidance and unconditional love. Their support for giving encouragement to do well in the task given and shouldering the financial for use to pay all the costs required to accomplish this.

The group would also like to offer their special thanks to their loved ones whose support has always been the source of strength and inspiration. Also, the team’s appreciation for their friends who helped them in some aspects of the project.

Everyone would like to express their very great appreciation to the College of Business Administration of the Bulacan State University, for all the foundations of knowledge, wisdom, and character that were applied throughout the making of the project. The group is also particularly grateful for the references, facilities, and place for meetings provided by the university and college.

Deepest gratitude to Ma’am Rhia Cervantes, who shared knowledge and assistance for the group which is needed to complete the project together with her patient guidance and enthusiasm. Also, for challenging us to do a function that requires critical thinking, analysis, and decision-making which will be very important for the group as they pursue their own careers in life.

Special thanks to the group’s classmates, for sharing insights and ideas in order to make this case analysis deeper and well analyzed. This gave the group more information that really helped them.

Most importantly, the group’s greatest appreciation to our Heavenly Father, who continuously gives everyone high hopes, tremendous source of strength, and genuine love. With Him, the group was able to accomplish this project with no hindrances or major problems along the way. Not only the team finished the task, but had a wonderful time brainstorming, researching, discussing, and analyzing every single thing all because of Him. TABLE OF CONTENTS

I. Executive Summary pp. 1-2
a. The Project
b. The Case
c. The Analysis and Summary
II. Problems of the Case p. 3
d. Main Problem
e. Sub Problems
III. Facts of the Case pp. 4-6 IV. Conclusion pp. 7-8
V. Alternative Courses of Action pp. 9-17
f. Sub Problems
g. Figure 1
h. Figure 2
i. Figure 3
j. Figure 4
k. Main Problem
VI. References used in Analyzing the Case p. 18


THE PROJECT- This paper is in accordance with the subject Special Topics Applied to Corporate Management and complied as a major requirement for the midterm of the semester. Inside this paper is a case analysis of a given case that was evaluated and answered. The group interpreted the case through the use of concepts, knowledge and discipline that were thought in the different areas of business management particularly in this subject. THE CASE- The bestowed case is entitled “A Transition of a Firm and Its Internal/External Environment” that was taken from the book, Decision Making and Business Policy Formulation written by Dr. Ricardo C. Santos, PhD. The subject is all about Victor, a Chinese-mestizo businessman who started his sole-proprietorship business in Baliuag Public Market in 1983 that sells grocery items and products similar to a...
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