Robin Hood Case

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Robin Hood

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I. Problem
Robin Hood’s band is facing a lot of problems regarding the movement of his campaign, outlook of his people, and the new ways of the Sheriff. Robin Hood needs to access every aspect wherein he can develop a plan to arrange the band and lead the campaign properly. Robin Hood’s campaign started to be a one man team. He believed that if he would be able to encourage people to join him, it would be easier for him to revolt against the Sheriff. During the second year of his campaign, the number of people who has joined him grew in numbers. This was of course favorable but has developed different problems along the way. Increase in number has directly affected the increase in camp space and food supply. The cost of buying food has also increased which results to declining of the funds of the band. Also, the increase in number resulted to a harder way to lead the members since Robin Hood does not know half of the men in the band. Discipline is running low on which caused these men to play around during raids. The Sheriff was able to increase his range of power by being funded by Prince John which is a big threat to Robin Hood’s band. The Sheriff is becoming stronger and he is beginning to turn tables against the band. The question is how can Robin Hood handle these internal and external problems? II. Background of the Case

Robin Hood always had a thing for justice – in fact, he had a motto, “Rob the rich and give to the poor” which would explain why he raised a revolt against the High Sheriff of Nottingham when a conflict arose between them. Robin Hood then looked for people, men to be with him and back him up. In the first year, he disciplined the group called the “Merry Men” and united them for his common purpose. Robin was the boss, and they had a centralized type of organization wherein he made all the major decisions, but tasks were delegated. Word spread of his band, and it rapidly increased in size. It was getting harder to train and discipline his men, and their financial reserves were quickly being depleted. Robin Hood then thought that instead of confiscating the goods of the people that entered the forest, they should tax them instead and receive steady income. The merry men however opposed this idea, worried that their allies may leave them in the middle of their fight against the Sheriff. But the Sheriff was growing stronger and was becoming better organized and there was no way Robin could see that the Sheriff could be removed from office, especially since he had friends in high places, including the regent Prince John. Prince John was not popular with the people because they favored and wanted back King Richard who was in prison. Prince John was scared of the barons who made him regent but are now beginning to regret that decision. These barons are now planning to collect ransom that would release King Richard from jail, and Robin was invited to join the conspiracy. Robin found it to be extremely risky. III. Objectives

1) To organize the band
(BASIS: Robin Hoods band have increase its number due to popularity, as a leader he has to make a strategy that will help organize its members.) 2) To increase financial revenue and food stock
(BASIS: Robin Hoods increasing number of members have scarce their resources, thus he must find a way to strategically increase their supply to provide for the band.) 3) To prevent further advancement of the sheriffs men

(BASIS: Robin Hood’s number one enemy the Sheriff has been training and improving its men and resources for the past year, He must find a way to stop its advancement before they get struck down by the Sheriff.) 4) To sustain their belief

(BASIS: Robin Hood’s band have lost track of their...
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