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An Assignment on
A Case Study of Inland National Bank

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A Case Study of Inland National Bank

Inland National Bank (INB), which had a good reputation for community involvement and solid financial performance, had recently acquired another local bank, Home Saving Bank. Amy Miller, manager of community affairs of INB, was concerned about troubles of two branch banks. She was in doubt about the financial potentials of Rockdale branch. She was also concerned about the North Madison branch as the neighborhood was poor. There were also some other problems, such as agitated neighborhood of Rockdale, political pressure, angry phone calls etc. On the other hand state banking agency told INB to submit a plan that responded to these issues, INB had organized a team in order to solve these raising tough new issues.

Discussion Question (1): Who are the stakeholders in this case? Which are primary and which are secondary? What influence do they have? How are they related to each other? Draw a diagram of the stakeholder relationship to INB.

Stakeholders are those people and groups in society who are affected and directly or indirectly by the company’s primary activities and decisions. In this case stakeholders are, Amy Miller, Home Saving Bank, Customers of Rockdale and North Madison, Senior executives and employees, Resident of Rockdale and North Madison, Local television station, Sheila Thomas (political figure), Federal and State banking agencies, Merchants, Governor and the local government.

Primary Stakeholders are;-

1. Amy miller

2. Home Saving Bank

3. Customers of Rockdale and North Madison

4. Senior executives and Employees

Secondary Stakeholders are;-

1. Resident of Rockdale and North Madison (general public)

2. Local television station (media)

3. Sheila Thomas (political figure),

4. Federal and State...
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