The Perceived Effect of Studying in a Proposed Study Café on the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Studying as Well as in the Development of Study Habits of Upv Cm Students

Topics: Effect, Affect, Learning Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: January 14, 2009
*THE perceived* EFFECT *OF *studying i*n a proposed study café on th*e effectiveness and efficiency of* studying as well as in the development of study habits* of UPV CM students Background of the Study For many that embark on college education, the task can be quite daunting. The intellectual and practical challenge of obtaining a degree cannot be underestimated even among those who are dedicated students. To find the time to study outside the classroom can be difficult for several reasons. Students, especially those living in dormitories, or shared rooms, often have difficulties finding some quiet time to concentrate before exams. There are also cases wherein in a group of students wouldn’t have a place to assemble to do their school requirements. Students from UPV CM and neighboring schools are often faced with these dilemmas thus; Study Cafés can be established to help combat these problems. A study café can be an alternative venue for learning and studying outside the walls of the school. It can contain cubicles for individual students who need the quietness for private study. These can be good for students preparing to take examinations, board reviewers, and nursing students who are doing their hospital requirements. A bigger room can also be provided for group discussion or for making group projects. In addition to these, additional facilities can also be provided for the use of students such as computers and wireless internet. Food and basic school supplies can also be bought there. The proposed study café will be open 24 hours a day to cater to students who needs a place to study during unholy hours. For a minimal amount, a student can have access to an environment conducive for learning and studying. The student-users of the proposed study cafe may initiate a variety of "social" uses of its facilities. They may form a local association or union for mutual support and to represent their views. They may hold peer-tutorials and less formal, mutual,...
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