Learning Influences

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Learning influences
Learning Influences are the way people gain knowledge through various factors these can either be positive or negative. Depending on these factors it depends on what knowledge you will be gaining and also how much you will gain. One factor can be a negative influenced but then it can also become a positive influence for example your family can have a positive affect on the way you learn. Positive Influences

Having noticed that you have been given extra time you could find that you may be able to take your time in learning for example you may be falling behind in lesson’s and you speak to teacher who will grant you extra time to work on their work they have set this is positive as you may have struggled having a short time to learn everything. Family could have a positive effective on your learning as they may encourage you to get on with work and attend teachings for example you have lost you motivation giving up on what you started you family may set you goals for you to achieve or they could even adjust the way there structure of the house hold is, which is enabling you to take in more information. Having your own study space would be a positive influence as you will not have distractions from others and you would be able to take in as much as you can for you to learn for example if you have brothers and sisters in your household and you were to share a room with either of them but you have work to do you may be better off in your own quiet zone where no distractions can bother you and you can get on with your own work in peace.

Negative Influences
Having poor health may affect the way you learn and therefore you may struggle in your work and may not know anything valuable for example if you were suffering with lung disease you may be in and out of hospital losing time of from learning and you won’t be able to know what you are learning about and you fall behind. Your own life style may mess up they why you are influenced in...
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