The Parthenon vs. the Colosseum

Topics: Roman Empire, Ionic order, Parthenon Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: May 13, 2012
The Parthenon vs. The Colosseum

I choose to use The Parthenon as my Greek work of art and The Colosseum as my Roman work of art. Both are buildings but are such iconic buildings with new and innovative designs, styles and building materials, that they are works of art as well. Seeing as how they are both buildings it goes without saying they were 3D works of art. The Parthenon was built almost entirely of Pentelic marble, they did use wood too, but 22,000 tons of marble was used. The Colosseum was built of Travertine, Tuff, Tiles, Roman cement, mortar, and lime. The Roman cement was a new invention and they were not really sure how strong the cement was or how long it would last. Without the cement and the invention of the vaulted arches the Colosseum would have never been able to be built. The vaulted arches also made the Colosseum look bigger. The Parthenon was built in a masculine Doric style. The Greeks were trying to model the Athenian desire to be god-like, so the Parthenon was built to look perfect from any angle. There were virtually no straight horizontal or vertical straight lines in the whole building. The columns were built to look uniformed in size. The columns were not the same height or width. Some were built with larger tops so that when you were looking at it they didn’t seem to taper because of your distance from a certain point. The Parthenon was white, however due to the marble used on it one side appeared to have a golden hue in the sunlight; the Colosseum was mostly gray. The Parthenon was very smooth, while the Colosseum was rougher due to the cement used. Neither the Parthenon nor the Colosseum truly have subject matter, however both were built with a purpose. The main purpose of the Parthenon was for the Greeks to show their gratitude to Athenia for helping them conquer the Persians. It had two chambers; the east chamber was the largest and was called Hekatompedon. This is where the statue of Athenia was placed and...
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