The Park Hotels

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The Park

By :
Abda Khan
Divya Rathaur
Meenakshi Singh
Ritu Gupta

Located in Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Kolkata,

Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Kerala Backwaters & Goa, The Park
Hotels are a collection of luxury boutique hotels managed by Apeejay Surrendra Hotels. With over 45 years of industry
experience, we are renowned for our global standards of product quality and service excellence. The location of the hotels makes them the preferred luxurious downtown spot for corporate and leisure travellers from India and abroad, looking for easy access to key commercial and leisure districts, while the exciting dining and entertainment options in store make them a magnet for many.

Each of The Park Hotels lays significant emphasis on the use of contemporary design, both in public and private spaces. Be it a painting or a piece of furniture, a restaurant layout or a live band, we treat it like a symbol of style and luxury that enhances every experience.

The Park Hotels have attained market leadership through constantly

upgrading products and services, adopting an efficient and warm personal style, and offering a truly contemporary and international experience. Apart from product and service innovations, the chief focus for every hotel remains the customer. The hotels also have a portfolio of initiatives that address relevant social issues. They work to nurture art and culture in each region, and take vital steps towards the preservation of the environment.

Pioneers of the 'boutique hotel' concept in India, The Park Hotels are part of the Design Hotels ™. As a member hotel, the 'Park' name has distinguished itself through innovative interior design and architecture, smooth service, an eye for creative details, and a distinct identity.

List of The Park Hotels in India
Bangalore- The Park Bangalore- 109 rooms- 2001
Chennai - The Park, Chennai- 214 rooms- 15 May 2002
Chennai- The Park POD Chennai- 20 rooms- 2009
Hyderabad- The Park Hyderabad -268 rooms-2010
Kolkata- The Park Kolkata- 1491 rooms- November 1967
New Delhi- The Park New Delhi- 220 rooms- 1987
Navi Mumbai- The Park Navi Mumbai- 80 rooms- 2007
Visakhapatnam-The Park Visakhapatnam-66 rooms-1968
Goa- The Park Calangute Goa- 30 rooms- 2011
Kerala- The Park Vembanad Lake- 10 rooms- 2009
Kerala Backwaters- Motor Vessel Apsara-08 rooms-2009

The idea of creating a ‘Boutique' hotel, small and design
focused, was a challenge in itself. The hotels created fun
and entertainment spaces within their premises, catering
to the mid-twenty urban middle class. The focus was to
come up with innovative ways of physical product
development and design, adventurous room designs and
interesting food & beverage concepts. With a very good
physical product in place, the challenge was to make it
available to the consumers through the right
communication channel. The role of public relations served
a dual purpose, to communicate with both internal and
external public. It was clear that unless internal processes were in place with the backing of a strong team, it would
be difficult to communicate with the external world.

The most cost effective way to communicate the desired image of a product is to create a noise around it through interactions with the national and the local media on a regular basis.
Marketing tools such as advertising, direct mailers and internal newsletters supported this. The 'mantra' was innovation, to do something new and exciting for others to sit up and take
The focus was on gaining publicity through attention grabbing events. To name a few –
 Fashion shows to showcase the designs of young, upcoming designers.
Theme events at Someplace Else, the discotheque.
 International food festivals such as the Mauritian food festival with Sega dancers;
Indonesian food festival or any other unusual event.

Marketing Strategies
The entire effort of...
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