Marriott International

Topics: Marriott International, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Ritz-Carlton Pages: 7 (2297 words) Published: July 19, 2011
The Marriot International Hotels have had a long standing history of being recognized as one of the most prestigious hotels. The Marriot Hotel has specific expectations and responsibilities that are expected from their employees on a regular basis. Their reputation derives from the conduct of the Marriott associates who create this professional business environment on a day to day basis. The hotel industry can be a very unpredictable environment. Employees at the Marriott are confronted with situations on a daily that test their values, beliefs and judgments. The reputation of the Marriot is built upon the actions of their employees at these times. It is vital for each member of the Marriott staff to understand the legal and ethical responsibility they have, in order to retain such a highly regarded reputation. To ensure the associates of the Marriott Corporation understand what is expected of them, the Marriot corporations has developed a tool to aid in this requirements called the Business Conduct Guide. As Marriot associates, officers, directors, or the persons acting on behalf of the Marriott, they are expected to be familiar with and work within the code of business conduct detailed in the Business Conduct Guide pre-establish by the Marriott. Managerial associates, officers, and directors are expected to set the proper tone and lead by example. The Marriott understands that in order for the regular staff to execute these guidelines to the best of their abilities, encouragement, supervision, and direction largely depended upon he attitudes of it leadership staff. Within this Business Conduct Guide, it lists an array of detail rules, regulations, and bylaws that the hotel personnel are expected to fallow. Employees are expected to follow these rules and regulations at all time. The Business Conduct Code itself is a fairly reasonable, with a common sense approach to the standards which are expected to be followed. The hotel industry is based largely on customer service and creating a comfortable and safe atmosphere. When customers stay at the Marriot, they are expecting a high level of hospitality with a positive experience. Creating a professional work environment is the first step in a series of actions covered within the Business Conduct Guide set of guidelines. Some of the obstacles that may occur have been identified, as well as what is expecting from the managerial staff. The Business Conduct Guide provides a list of essential and specific course of actions. * Communicate what is expected of associates.

* Set the right example. Others are likely to follow your lead. * Do set unrealistic goals that place indirect pressure on associates to compromise our ethical standards. * Recognize associates for acting with integrity.

* Report known violations of policy or law.
* Foster a work environment that encourages the reporting of Business Conduct Guide and policy violations. * Adopt “open door” processes for the benefit of associate communications. * Safeguard the confidentially of those who report violations I good faith and protect them from retaliation and job reprisal. Application of Marriott’s ethical standards to others is another key area of focus. When working with outside contractors, vendors, suppliers, and agents it is critical to be mindful of the Marriott’s ethical principles. Since they will be working with the Marriott Corporation, they will inherent the same standards and responsibilities to follow while as a representative of the Marriott community. The Marriott Corporation does not expect the average employee to become a subject matter expect in these, rules and by laws, but they are expected to be familiar with the expectations of the corporation in their particular area of responsibility. In efforts to ensure that employees are up to date with the Marriott Internationals business conduct guidelines, employees will from time to time be required to verify that they...
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