The Ottoman Empire

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~ For Virginia Aksan in friendship ~

~ The Ottoman Empire and the World Around It


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~ Table of contents
List of illustrations A note on transliteration and dates Acknowledgements Map of the Ottoman Empire in Asia and Africa Map of the Ottoman Empire in Europe 1 ~ Introduction Islamic law and sultanic pragmatism: 2 ~ Determining the parameters of Ottoman ‘foreign policy’: some general considerations: 4 ~ A few ground rules of Ottoman ‘foreign politics’: 6 ~ Validity and limits of the ‘warfare state’ model: 8 ~ Accommodation, both open and unacknowledged, and the problem of structural similarities in the early modern world: 10 ~ An impossible balance between ‘east’ and ‘west’?: 11 ~ Who, in which period, formed part of the Ottoman elite?: 13 ~ The Ottoman Empire as a world economy: 14 ~ The abiding centrality of Istanbul: 16 ~ Confronting our limits: problems of documentation: 18 ~ ‘Placing’ our topic in geographical terms: 20 ~ ‘Placing’ our topic in time: 21 ~ Confronting different perspectives, or how to justify comparisons: 23 ~ A common world: 25 ~

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2 ~ On sovereignty and subjects: expanding and safeguarding the Empire ‘Foreign interference’ and its limits: 28 ~ A sequence of ‘mental images’: 30 ~ The 1560s/967–77: 32 ~ Introducing the major ‘players’ of the 1560s/ 967–77: the Habsburg possessions, France, Venice and Iran: 32 ~ Religious rivalries of the 1560s/967–77: 34 ~ The mid-sixteenth century: foreign subjects present on Ottoman territory – and those who were conspicuously absent: 37 ~ Religious-cum-political rivalries between the sultans and ‘western’ rulers in the 1560s/967–77: 41 ~ How the Ottoman elite did not organize its relations with the outside world in the 1560s/967–77: 43 ~ Limits of imperial reach in the 1560s/967–77: Anatolian loyalties to non-Ottoman princes: 44 ~ Limits of imperial reach: some Rumelian examples: 46 ~ Limits of imperial reach in the 1560s/967–77, a further example: Yemen as a frontier province: 47 ~ The Empire in 1639/1048–9: 49 ~ Protecting Ottoman




territories in 1639/1048–9: the eastern frontier: 49 ~ The northern regions as a trouble spot in 1639/1048–9: 50 ~ Expanding Ottoman territory in 1639/ 1048–9: relations with Venice and the imminent conquest of Crete: 51 ~ Potential threats to Ottoman control over the western part of the Balkan peninsula in 1639/1048–9: 52 ~ Early links to the seventeenth-century European world economy?: 53 ~ Before 1718/1130–1: 55 ~ Wars on all fronts: 55 ~ ‘The Empire strikes back’: toward a reprise en main before 1718/1130–1: 58 ~ Extraterritorialities before 1718/1130–1: 60 ~ Conquest and trade as sources of regional instabilities before...
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