The One Minute Manager

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Can I Have A Minute?
A Book Review on:
The One Minute Manager
By Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

Submitted by:
Brent Michael T. Binayas

The One Minute Manager, Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. New York, USA: The Berkley Publishing Group. 1982. ISBN: 0-425-09847-8 I. Introduction
Everybody who is a manager or manages people aims to become a good one. Being a good manager is not being an autocratic manager or a democratic manager, it’s how to be an effective manager that people try to become. The first thing that comes to mind when reading the title is “Does it really take so little time be a manager?” The answer will be revealed a little later on as you continue to read.

The book covers the basics of managing people. It revolves around three main concepts, which are; One Minute Goals, One Minute Praising and One Minute Reprimands, that what makes up a One Minute Manager.

Found in the cover of the book lies the symbol of the One Minute Manager and the book explains it this way ‘The One Minute Manager’s symbol—a one minute readout from the face of a modern digital watch—is intended to remind each of us to take a minute out of our day to look into the faces of the people we manage. And to realize that they are our most important resources.’ (Page 8).

The book is interesting to read because it makes use of stories to captivate its audience and uses simple ideas to make it easier for the reader to understand what the author is saying. It is considered to be one of the Top 10 Top Management Books by F. John Reh in Guide.

About the authors, Dr. Spencer Johnson is the Chairman of Candle Communications Corporation, and an active author, publisher, lecturer and communications consultant. He has written more than a dozen books dealing with medicine and psychology, and has over three million copies of his books in print. Dr. Johnson’s education includes a degree in psychology from the University of Southern California, an M.D. degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and medical clerkships at Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic. He has been Medical Director of Communications for Medtronic, a pioneering manufacturer of cardiac pacemakers, and Research Physician for the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, a medical-social think-tank in Minneapolis. He has also served as a consultant in communications for the Center for the Study of the Person, Human Dimensions in Medicine Program; and to the Office of Continuing Education at the School of Medicine, University of California in La Jolla, California. One of his recent books, The Precious Present, has been praised by the eminent psychologist Dr. Carl Rogers, and by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, who states, “What a change might take place if everyone would read this book and apply the principles it teaches.” The One Minute Manager, like all the other books Dr. Johnson has written, reflects his continuing interest in helping people to experience less stress and better health through better communications. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Blanchard have also produced, in conjunction with CBS-Fox-Video, The One Minute Manager videotape. Dr. Kenneth Blanchard, Chairman of Blanchard Training and Development, Inc. (BTD), is an internationally known author, educator and consultant/trainer. He is the co-author of the highly acclaimed and most widely used text on leadership and organization behavior, Management of Organization Behavior: Utilizing Human Resources, which is in its fourth edition and has been translated into numerous languages. Dr. Blanchard received his B. A. from Cornell University in Government and Philosophy, an M.A. from Colgate University in Sociology and Counseling and a Ph.D. from Cornell in Administration and Management. He presently serves as a professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In addition, he is a member of the National Training Laboratories (NTL). Dr....
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