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The one minute manager is a short story which explains the three management procedures or techniques that a manager needs and can use to be the superlative manager that he can be. It begins with a man probing for an effective manager anywhere and everywhere throughout the world. He comes across many of these managers but they are either harsh or pleasant. These harsh managers have the company operational but their employees are not pleased. The nice managers have their employees happy but their company is gone astray. He notes that the managers attentiveness were in result and people. Virtuous manager’s interests are in the outcomes and the people. He, at the end of the day, heard about a spectacular manager who lived nearby in a town. He came in contact and they both set a date when they could meet and discuss certain things. He found it incongruously strange that he had any time available except Wednesday mornings. When they met, he asked him if he hold regular meetings with his subordinates. The manager replies that he does hold meetings every Wednesday morning. They discuss the problems they had, what needs to be accomplished, and develop plans and strategies for the upcoming week. Those decisions were made both by him and the people in the organization. The manager further explains that he does not like to participate in his subordinate’s decision making. The purpose of his organization is efficiency and getting results. He also explains that they are productive because they are organized. The manager believes that you can only get results through people. So, this explains it all; he is a result and people oriented manager. He is interested in both results and his people. They go “hand in hand” he says. He keeps his people feeling worthy about themselves because that is when they make progress and more comes out of it. “People who feel good about themselves produce good...
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