One Minute Manager

Topics: Management, Goal, Time Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: February 26, 2013
One minute manager is a narration in which both medical and behavioral science experiences have been stated related to the best working of a person with another people in whichit depicts how content they are working within the organization, with other people and how much valuable result they are able to produce. The story begins with the concept that a young person is in search of an effective manager and whomever he came across, was not satisfied with quality of work. While interviewing the tough managers who had the quality of dominance rather than managing and keeping people together he came across few terminologies like autocratic, hard-nosed etc. Then he came across some nice managers like democratic, supportive who had the ability to manage people but were not able to run the organization in an effective way. They were basically known as half managers. He found few people but they were not comfortable to share their details. He heard about a special manager and immediately contacted him. On the date of appointment, the young man met the special manager and asked him several questions related to managing people, hold meetings with subordinates and its purpose, decisions are both for the organization and the people. The response what the young man got was that the special manager keeps both the organization and people hand in hand by keeping a plaque on the desk to keep on reminding him about the practical path which he needs to follow. The special manager than added further that it is all quality the makes people happy and in productivity quality and quantity both are included. And this special manager was called “ONE MINUTE MANAGER” because for him to get the results from people is very easy in a short period of time. The young man was unable to believe him and for that ONE MINUTE MANAGER asked him to go and ask from his staff and for that he did so and he came across the truth that he is a ONE MINUTE MANAGER and he only makes decisions at the beginning of...
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