The New Teacher Education Curriculum

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Field study 2 is an integral part of the new teacher education curriculum. It is a course that focuses on the pre-service teacher’s observation of the mentor’s classroom management skills in the teaching-learning process when applied in the classroom. This one-unit course will enable the pre-service teachers to identify the various aspects of teaching, classroom management, and best practices/ techniques used by the cooperating teacher. These aspects and techniques will then be described by the PST through a narrative report reflected as journal entries. These techniques in the teaching-learning process and classroom management will provide students with opportunities to examine their application in the teaching learning environment.

Good’s Dictionary of Education defines classroom management as “the administration or direction of activities with special reference to such problem as discipline, democratic teaching learning techniques, the use and cares supplies and reference materials, the physical features of the classroom, general housekeeping and the social relationships of the learners.”

A well-managed classroom is conducive to mental growth and development of the learners’ skills in teaching. Learning becomes interesting and enjoyable under favorable working conditions and an organized classroom environment. Links to DepEd’s National Competency-Based Teacher Standards (NCBTS): Domain 2- Learning Environment focuses on the ideal that teacher serve as positive and powerful role models of the values of the pursuit of learning of different kinds of the effort 2.1.1 Maintains a learning environment of courtesy and respect for different learners (ability, culture, gender). 2.1.2 Provides gender-fair opportunities for learning.

2.2.1 Maintains a safe, clean and orderly classroom free from distractions. 2.3.1 Encourage learners to ask questions.

2.3.2 Provide learners with variety of learning activities

2.4.1 Handles behavior problems quickly and with due respect to children’s rights. 2.4.2 Gives timely feedback and reinforcement appropriate social and learning behavior 2.4.4 School policies and procedures for classroom behavior are communicated and followed. Domain 3-Diversity of Learners

3.1.2 Establishes goals that define appropriate expectation for all learners. 3.1.3 Provides differentiated activities for learners
3.1.4 Sensitive to multicultural background of the learner
3.2.5 Is sensitive to unusual behavior of learners and takes appropriate action.

A. The College Dean shall:
1. Designate a practicum manager to oversee and coordinate the practicum program of the TEI. 2. Assign practicum supervisor with 25-30 PST’s
3. Allocate a flexible incentive to DepEd personnel involved in student teaching as stipulated in the MOA. 4. Assign space for a Practicum Office and appoints an office staff. B. Associate Dean:
1. Initiate conferences with SDS in selecting public and private schools as laboratory schools. 2. Reviews policies and systems in the implementation of the FS. 3. Initiate Program evaluation.
C. The TEI Practicum Supervisor shall:
1. Prepare the program of activities of the student teachers. 2. Coordinate regularly with the principal and cooperating teachers regarding the performance of the student teachers.

3. Coordinate with the Principal of the cooperating school regarding the activities and needs pf pre-service teachers relative to their observation of classes. 4. Prepare the pre-service teachers for their off-campus observation activities. 5. Coordinate regularly with the Principal/Head Teacher/Cooperating Teacher regarding the performance of the pre-service students. 6. Conduct post-conference, interview, case studies of pre-service teachers. D. The Pre-service Teachers shall:

1. Perform basic professional expectations and the tasks identified. 2. Attend all...
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