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The New Generation

By DIPISAWESOME May 05, 2013 517 Words
generations come and go every generation owns it own particular values attitudes morals and goals that make them apart from the other generations. A generation gap has always been noticed between the past and the new generations. this barrier between generations has been created due to many different reasons such as - technological progress, social crisis and dilemma and the gifts from the modern science.

the previous generations have played a tremendous role in moulding our newest generation, if it was not them who wanted to make our lives better, then no one could have . in their times, they had to work hard and literally fight for leading a nice life. thus, for their achievements we are getting a developed lifestyle and do not have to suffer from the same struggle. new technologies that have been introduced in our generation has helped us greatly. introduction of smart phones,LED computers .laptops, swifter communication systems, social networks are the blessings to us from the modern science. with the help of these gadgets, the whole world is in our grip. with the aid of these tools it is much more easier for us to fulfill or desires.

our generation has adapted casual ways to deal with things. the open mindedness is misunderstood because the previous generations were reclusive towards unique ideas whereas the new generation is embracing it. thus, their perspective contradict with ours and this attitude makes us different from them to some extent.

the ethics and culture of our generation seems to be infected by the western ideas, laziness, selfishness and greed in some cases. there are many teenagers who are not giving proper value to things and taking things for granted because most of time they expect all the things being fed to them. On the other hand, there are many other out there who are still bonded to their true roots and culture; genuinely trying their best to achieve something in their lives on their own.

education for our generation has improved immensely. even the poorest think to educate their children. all the people are acquiring knowledge learning to walk on the right path. they learning decide what best they can do with their lives. this is happening because they are getting a chance to educate themselves.

in our generation, creativity is very much appreciated. when we are applying for universities and colleges the administrations also look for extracurricular skills apart from the academic ones. versatility in different works is much more valued than before. thus, the new generation is encouraged to try their skills somewhere else other than only by studying.

in future there will definitely be a much more advanced generation ahead of us and i bet it will be as different from us as we are from our previous generation. this gap between generations will always be there if there are new inventions of new things. to overcome this barrier we cannot stop people from inventing new things or expressing new ideas. so it will be best if we go ahead accepting all the upheavals that comes with the generations after generations.

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