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The myths Zulu and Egyptian

The two myths of creation that I have chosen to write about are Zulu and Egyptian. In the Egyptian myth, the beginning comes from the dark swirling waters of chaos. This place is called Nu out of Nu came to Atum from the sheer force of his will using his thoughts. The creation of the earth came from his children Shu, his son, and Tefnut was his daughter these two created everything in the heaven and earth. The way this was done their father gave them the task to divide the chaos into principles of life for all time. This order called Maat which was produced by these two produced the first thing was tangled together as one the earth Geb, and Nut the Sky, god of the air Shu, pushed Nut up into the heavens and separated them . It was done so that the Maat could fulfil its full function in the new world .In the Egyptian world had all the elements in the form of gods. The queen of the gods Isis, the goddess Hathor of love and beauty were made. The god Osiris of wisdom and justice also, the god Seth of evil, the god Thoth of wisdom and the protectress Nephthys of the dead were all made as parts of the elements. In the myth of Zulu creation life stats from the darkness. In the dark, there was on the big seed it was the start of creation came from a seed that fell to earth it was called Uthlanga. There grew a reed that grew man and has this reed grown man fell to the earth.The first man and he saw other man and woman being grown in the same way. Unkulunkulu was the first man that divided all men women and men; medication people and their dreams. He also gave the first cattle fish, birds and fierce creatures. All the element in the Zulu creation is the same. The seed gave birth to the reeds and the reeds brought forth everything. That is how the Zulu myth of man woman all things come to be by a reed plant gave them water, earth, fish, and foul.

In the Egyptian story creation came from dark waters form the water of...
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