The Mystifying Twins

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In the Christian fiction book, The Mystifying Twins, by Jean Price Reeve, twins Lois and Lettice are sent to Rivercote Boarding School. Lois and Lettice are fourteen year old, mischievous identical twins who could think and talk for each other.

When the girls arrived at Rivercote, Governess Miss Matthews told them that Lois was to wear a blue hair ribbon and Lettice a pink ribbon; little did she know how much trouble this would cause. The girls were constantly changing ribbons and fooling everyone. Because of their mischievous nature, whenever something happened, their head mistress, Miss Clark, would constantly blame them. The main adventure in the book was the mystery of the food getting stolen from the school kitchen. Miss Clark blamed the twins numerous times, and numerous times they denied stealing the food. It became harder for them to deny stealing food when they were caught in the kitchen with their best friend Jane. They pleaded their case to Miss Mathews saying they were trying to catch the ghost, but even so they came perilously close to expulsion.

Summer finally came, and Lois went to camp with Jane because Lettice had the measles. Over the summer, Jane and Lois learned about God; and eventually became saved. They tried to teach Lettice what they learned, but she refused to hear a word about it. Through several hard trials and much prayer, Lettice accepted Christ as well.

Once school started again, the three girls tried to catch the ghost. They found a trap door leading to a tunnel that ultimately led to the broom closet in the kitchen. They found out how the food was stolen, but they did not know who did it. The culprit ended up being Tommy, the workman’s son. After this was proven, the girls received a heartfelt apology from Miss Clark; and they went on enjoying their days at Rivercote. They were no longer the same mystifying twins they once were.

The Mystifying Twins by Jean Price Reeve is an excellent book for...
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