The Stone Monkey: Book Review

Topics: China, Jeffery Deaver, Crime Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: March 27, 2011
Book Report
Name of Book: The Stone Monkey
Genre: Fiction
Author: Jeffery Deaver
Main Characters: Amelia Sachs
Lincoln Rhyme

A cargo ship holding a bunch of Chinese illegal immigrants is on its journey to New York where they will be working for riches and a better life. Each family has payed a hefty sum of money to be smuggled by a notorious criminal “snakehead” (refugee smuggler), also known to others as “the Ghost”. The New York Police Department know about this smuggle and is ready to intercept them until things got horrible. Making sure the illegal immigrants were in the container, his right hand man locked them in making sure they couldn’t get out. A Satchel of C4 is placed at the hull of the ship, powerful enough to create a hole in the ship but not enough to blow the whole thing up and also to give enough time for “the Ghost” to get his money and equipment and also to get himself on a life boat and get away from the pull and the crime scene. The C4 goes off and the ship starts sinking right off the coast of Long Beach, the clock starts clicking. Luckily for some of the illegal immigrants they managed to escape, but after escaping they encounter “the Ghost” scouting around shooting survivors, like the ship crew, he sees the survivors and the chase begins. The survivors swim for the shore of Long Beach, and “the Ghost” starts for the survivors as well, following them and trying to kill them. In the events they get on the beach and get away by stealing a van, they head for the highway to China Town. The police arrive at the beach and find a wounded survivor and a few corpses; “the Ghost” is nowhere to be found.

The survivors seek refuge in China Town where they are tracked by police as well as “the Ghost” (because he doesn’t leave survivors). His right hand man goes to the police and reveals that he works under “the Ghost”...
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