Good to Evil

Topics: KILL, Short story, Marriage Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: December 2, 2013
Good to Evil: The deterioration of an individual
By: Sarah Warner
Making bad decisions is a part of life. No one should ever choose to let bad choices rule their life because this can change an individual from good to evil. Various factors can influence an individual’s personality from good to evil. In the short story “Twins” by Eric Wright and “The Road out of Eden” by Randall Grace, the characters go from good to evil because of their actions and way of thinking. This is why people should think before they act, and the consequences of their actions.

In both stories, the characters come to the scene of the crime with a plan to kill. However, their plans are very different. The wife in “Twins” acts out the plot of the story that her husband is writing. In this plan, the husband has to dress-up like his wife because they look alike. To make the husband a female, he uses a wig, make-up and glasses. One of the reasons the wife wants to kill her husband is because she knows that he wants to kill her, and so she wants to kill him first. But how does she know that he is planning to shoot her? While she is searching for a pair of pliers, the wife “…comes across his fishing tackle box with the loaded gun, the wig, and the make-up kit… she would [] never wonder[] what he [is] up to” (Wright 217). This infers that the husband wants to get back at her because she never likes the plots of his stories. He is trying to kill her to say ‘hey, the plot of my story works, I am able to kill you in real life and thus so can the character in my story’. Coming to the woods with a plan to kill can also be found in “The Road out of Eden” when Steven brings a gun into the forest where Joe Ron, the bully, is. Steven brings the gun because he wants Joe Ron to go away and he feels the only way to get rid of him is to kill him. Compared to the wife in “Twins” Steven’s plan is not as thought out and although he brings a gun, he is firing it to defend himself and his friends. The wife...

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