The Mosquito Magnet

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“The mosquito magnet”
1.Is the mosquito magnet an innovation? If so, what type?
Well I do think it is an innovation because they came up with a bright idea of operates 24/7 by releasing a continuous stream of carbon dioxide (CO2) and scientifically proven attractant to draw mosquitoes to the trap. Mosquitoes are vacuumed into a net where they dehydrate and die.  is scientifically proven to disrupt mosquito breeding cycles, virtually eliminating the nuisance nd danger of mosquitoes in all season long which it tends to be in rainy season. In this case it’s a Dynamically continuous innovation for most consumer groups. (Consumer Behavior 11th ed. Hawkins and Mothersbaugh page 248) 2.Conduct innovation analysis on the mosquito magnet, and develop appropriate marketing strategies based on this analysis. Well in this case will be the design of the machine and even maybe some colorful attractiveness to the machine of course not changing the chemicals of the machine because that’s what the machine works with. I would definitely market this machine to families who have a pool and who like to spend their time in the outdoors.

3.Based on your innovation analysis in question 2, provide explanation. Well, for some people this is a new invention and it’s got to have more credibility by maybe putting it in the market as 10 or 20 days trial or money back. I think this is an new invention that has to be advertise in the rainy season in warm places as like in Florida through the weast coast places that are warm and humid, we got to remember that weather is our market for this product. This product works from Advertising; product sampling; ratailing / personal selling; creatuve buzz, if these steps are follow in the correct way this product will be a success. ((Consumer Behavior 11th ed. Hawkins and Mothersbaugh pages: 244 to 247)

4.Examine the firm’s website
I really like the way they add up some video (youtube) where they show the product in...
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