Product Market Analysis Paper

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Product Market Analysis Paper
March 22, 2015
Nathan Butler Jr.

As we wrap our final week in class, we’ve been discussing the proper format on how to promote or advertise whether it’s a sports drink, product, or any items in general. As I reflected over our class discussions, I started to think about some of the products that I felt weren’t receiving the proper marketing tactics and although a few came in mind, I thought about this cleaning product known as Awesome! Awesome Cleaning, which has been in business since 1983, is such a great product for cleaning up many stains you possibly couldn’t get to come clean with another popular cleaning product such as grease stains, mold build up, etc. Although the product has a little strong smell, it’s so reliable to use whenever you’re cleaning the house or need help on cleaning up a stain. For example, the most common mistake we’ve all made is wasting a red drink on the floor and having a difficult time getting it up; however, with this product and some solid scrubbing, the stains will come up. I’ve cleaned so many things at home using the product; however, I don’t feel that there is enough advertisement for the brand.

Awesome is such a great product; however, their source of advertisement is very poor and I don’t understand why to be perfectly honest. Many times, I’ve seen the product at stores such as Dollar Tree or Family Dollar for maybe $1.50 or $2.00; however, you will be glancing around to find the product in general. Personally, we didn’t know anything about their product until a family member was telling my mom and I how effective the product can be while cleaning and also where to find Awesome Cleaning Products. After a great experience with the cleaning product, we’ve told other family members and friends and they’ve started to buy the products. As I mentioned in this paragraph, we only were aware of the product due to word of mouth advertising. Since becoming a consistent consumer of the product,...

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