The Mission of Adventist Health Care

Topics: Health care, Health, Medicine Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Jealiane Joy Valloso [8870610]
RELT 423: Loma Linda Perspectives
Assignment #2 : The Mission of Adventist Health Care
April 18, 2012
Adventists are well-known worldwide for our excellent hospitals and educational institutions. We work as an example in giving, missionary work and a strong community. In the article The Mission of Adventist Health Care shows how Adventists provide health care in a very unique way. Majority of the recipients and purchasers of health care are demanding for the health care to be affordable, accessible and of excellent quality. An international report entitled “The Goals of Medicine … Setting New Priorities” was published by the Hastings Center in New York in 1996. They have set four goals: First is the prevention of disease and injury; and the promotion and maintenance of health. Second is the relief of pain and suffering cause by maladies. Third is the care and cure of those with a malady and the care of those who cannot be cured. Lastly are the avoidance of premature death, and the pursuit of a peaceful death. Fortunately, Adventist health care has met these goals in a similar term with a little, excellent twist. They define Adventist Health as “… a family of caring people reaching out to those who are in need. We follow Christ’s example of servant hood as we promote physical, mental and spiritual health and healing. Through creative partnerships, we enhance the quality of life of the communities we serve.” We are known for being devoted to dietary and lifestyle in being conscious to what we eat and do in our everyday life. One interesting fact is that Adventists are known to live longer than other sects. Adventist physical health and healing is being promoted by showing people that illnesses can be prevented by not smoking, drinking alcohol, eating healthy plant based food and such. Adventists help in mental health concerns that consist of emotional and psychological issues such as hopelessness, depression and such as well...
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