Healing Hospital: a Daring Paragigm

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Healing hospitals should be the focus of America’s healthcare system instead they are on the decline. The typical hospital focuses on getting the patients in and getting them out as quickly as possible to save money and make a profit. They do not focus on providing a healing environment that is patient and family friendly, unlike healing hospitals. The lack of a friendly, serine environment may cause stress on the patients and families that feel they or their loved one still needs medical attention and healing. Having a healing hospital that helps patients heal physically and spiritually is key to improving the patients well being. Using a healing hospital as opposed to a typical hospital would be a benefit to the patients and their families since they focus not only on the patients spiritual healing, but their physical healing as well. In this paper I will discuss, the component of healing hospitals and their relationship to spirituality, the challenges of creating a healing environment, and a biblical passage that supports the concept of a healing hospital. Three Key Components

There are three key components in creating a true healing hospital that are described in the article by Laurie Eberst, the president and CEO of Mercy Gilbert Medical Center they are as follows, a healing physical environment, the integration of work design and technology, and a culture of radical loving care” (Eberst, 2008). A healing physical environment focuses on caring for the patients and how the healthcare staff interacts with families. They also believe that creating a loving, compassionate, and appealing environment can help the patients and their families deal with stressful situations. In addition, they promote healing by providing a quiet, calm hospital environment that allows patients to sleep through the night without interruptions or noise...

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