Healing Hospital

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Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm
Sandra Mays
Grand Canyon University
Patricia Mullen
September 12, 2010

Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm

The spirituality in a healing hospital starts with the Chief Executive Officer and spirals downward toward management, and then the frontline employees. Healing hospitals must have a form of culture that serves the community. This includes the building, its contents, the CEO, the managers, and caregivers. This is what leads to the care that entails the spiritual mixture that takes into account a person’s whole body, which includes the mind and spirit. Healing and spirituality should be at the forefront of each patient’s stay .CEO’s of hospitals have become money hungry Gods. The most important part of the institution has been made into cold and calculating monotonous machines. Budgets are the largest worries of most CEO, s. (67%) stated that financial challenges were their # 1 worry, quality ranked fifth (23%), and patient safety sixth (20%). Spirituality and loving care did not make the list at all. (Chapman, 2010). No wonder most people do not want their loved ones to be left alone during a hospital stay! Hospitals need to be more than just a place of physical care of robotic repair. (Chapman, 2010).Spirituality has been shown to positively affect one’s health potential because the spirit, the mind and the body all works as one. Thus spirituality is a part of everyone’s life. Spiritual care is no longer a choice, but a professional mandate by both the profession of nursing and regulating organizations. The International Code of Ethics., the American Nurses association and many other organizations mandate that spiritual care be included in our initial assessment of patient care planning. While most nurses would readily accept doing a spiritual assessment, many site inadequate educational preparation as a reason for not...

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