The Minds Are Opened When the Heart Is Opened

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Intelligence Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: August 24, 2013
The Principal/ Director
Dear sir / Madam,
As you are aware, today’s generation is moving on a fast track; racing against time and a highly competitive environment around. Every one is trying to reach to the top in studies, examinations or in securing the best job, or pursuing the most sought after profession. Who selects a specific career for our children? What is the basis? Is it the parent’s wish or the child’s desire? How do we judge our children’s’ capabilities, liking/aptitude towards a particular subject/career? Who takes the final decision; or is it a trial and error method? How far the monetary capacity decides the career of our children? Is there a method to identify/recognize the children’s innate capabilities and their learning styles? Educational Psychologists have their methods and techniques to probe a child’s multiple intelligence , it takes a lot of time and money . Recently we, at Brain Talk , have developed a software which analyses this multiple intelligence using Dermatoglyphics (the science of finger prints) and find out the talent, strength and weakness, learning style, personality traits, core competencies, EQ, IQ, AQ, and CQ . Which all would help to counsel the parents for giving appropriate guidance to children. Our method would be ideal and cost effect for those children in higher secondary level to find out the most suitable career. We would be grateful to you if this novel method is brought to the notice of the parents and teachers in their meeting. We would be very happy to give a presentation on this topic. Further, with your due kind permission , we could organize a free one day training program for a few selected teachers from your school. This would definitely help the school to achieve better academic heights without much delay. Enclosed along , please find our brochure which explains everything we do. Pls check our website and contact...
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