Ett4 Task 602.1.1-05

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ETT4 Task 602.1.1-05
The lesson on pan balance equations has a clear purpose. The teacher is aware of the state standard that all 8th graders are to take algebra. By introducing some pre-algebra skills to students now will allow them to build on this prior knowledge when they reach 8th grade. Mrs. Soglin clearly states the objective of today’s lesson at the beginning of class. She tells the class that today they are going to learn about equations and pan balance. She is also providing a visual aid of a pan balance to help the variation of learners in her class.

Mrs. Soglin asks the class questions about pan balance to gain information about what background knowledge and experience the students have with the subject. Many students comment on what they have learned in other classes about pan balance and what it is used for. She also relates pan balance to real world experiences which helps students apply their knowledge. She takes students feedback and builds on it in a way students can relate. For example, one students’ response was about a seesaw and the teacher takes that feedback and adds additional information to teach the class. She guides students in their response to get a clear answer for the rest of the students. At first, I didn’t feel that Mrs. Soglin referred to previous lessons when teaching about pan balancing and equations. She asked about their background knowledge but never referred to something previous learned in her class. On the second lesson plan she did refer to the previous lesson about pan balancing and more simple equations that the class had done beforehand. This allowed students to take prior knowledge from the previous lesson and apply it to harder problems on the next lesson. Mrs. Soglin used many delivery methods in this lesson to help students grasp the information she was teaching. She had a friendly environment where the students were comfortable in giving a response. I observed many children engaging in...
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