The Meaning of a Work of Art, Media or Design Is Not Fixed, Whatever the Intetions of the Maker. Choose a Specific Example and Discuss:

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Visual culture

The meaning of a work of art, media or design is not fixed, whatever the intetions of the maker. Choose a specific example and discuss: How it’s meaning might change depending on where it is seen and by whom.


The meaning of a work of art, media or design may or may not change depending on the audience viewing the object. The object will not change in appearance, but will the perception? Throughout this essay I will explore whether the meaning could actually change depending on who it is seen by and where it is seen. I will do this by discussing the intent of the directors, photographers and artists to gain full information of why the creator first intended to create and did it fulfill the reason. Also I will research some of the world’s most famous well known mediums and what makes them an important part of todays society and can we as the public really commit to liking them because they are our personal taste and opinion or do we enjoy them because of the background and intent of the creator, or maybe just because they are famous.

“a photograph should clearly show the intention of the photographer” -Martin Parr 1952 (bibliography)

I found this quote by Martin Parr it particularly interested me because of the way it shows that not all photographers intent is the same. Parr has many quotes in his books and from articles I have read (bibliography- books) They explain his theories of what the context of pictures should be. And argues why they should be like that……(example of quote of argument bibliography) Martin Parr’s work presents the viewers and the audience with images that represent the place and the atmosphere with in them, the pictures maybe basic but beautifully captured, the intent of the pictures are not hidden nor do you have to look in depth for any meaning (bibliography of photo’s). This may be a good attribute about his work or a negative one, depending on the viewer. In one of Martin Parrs books called...
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