Week 1 Homework

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Week 1 Homework
Chapter 1: Marriage, Relationships, and Family Commitments: Making Choices in a Changing Society 3. What important changes in family patterns do you see today? Do you see positive changes, negative changes, or both? What do they mean for families, in your opinion? As the textbook states on page 13 the three society-wide trends have already dramatically changed American family life and will continue to do so. New communication and reproductive technologies, changes in America’s race/ethnic composition, and economic uncertainty. Also, I see both positive and negative changes in families today. The positive I see are fathers being more involved in their kids’ lives rather than just the moms and the negative I see is more single parent families. What do they mean for families, in your opinion? In my opinion that means that people are not taking family as serious as they should and I also think there is a huge lack of respect in relationships which is why there are many people not staying together these days. 4. What are some examples of a personal or family problem that is at least partly a result of problems in the society? I think the best example of both personal and family problems that is at least a result of problems in the society is a lack of respect. There is a lack of respect for people towards each other and the homes of families. Common courtesy has completely gone out the window somewhere along the line. Also, the problem of materialism and consumerism, these two problems are the biggest result of problems in the society. It has created an obnoxious breed of individualism.

Chapter 2: Exploring Relationships and Families
2. Choose a magazine photo and analyze its content from one of the perspectives described in this chapter. Then analyze the photo from another theoretical perspective. How do your insights differ depending on which theoretical perspective is used? I chose a magazine photo that shows a little boy in between his...
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