The Main Purpose of Magnetic Separation Machine

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The magnetic separator is one of commonly used preparation equipments in magnetic separation factory. It has dry and wet two types. According to types of magnets, it can be divided into permanent magnet type and electromagnet type. It is also can be divided into strong magnet type, middle magnet type and weak magnet type according to the magnetic field strength. Different magnetic separators have different characteristics and performance.
The common things have magnetite iron ore (belong to strong magnetic minerals), hematite (belong to weak magnetic minerals), limonite, lens iron ore, siderite (they are weak magnetic minerals), etc. They are the raw materials of iron and steel industry, China's iron ore grade is low, most of the impurities high, so more than 80 percent of the need for magnetic separation.
Manganese, such as hard manganese, pyrolusite, rhodochrosite are weakly magnetic, commonly used in magnetic separation recovery. '
Ilmenite, wolframite, monazite (phosphorus cerium lanthanum mine), niobium-tantalum minerals are weakly magnetic minerals. Also commonly used in the recovery of magnetic separation.
If the above examples are magnetic minerals as a purpose of mineral recovery (the magnetic minerals as a concentrate) is regarded non-metallic mineral beneficiation of iron, titanium and other mineral impurities harmful ingredients, generally magnetic method removed. For example, the beneficiation of kaolin, kyanite, quartz, feldspar, tourmaline, etc. are generally used magnetic separation to remove iron, titanium minerals.
Heavy media beneficiation ferrosilicon or magnetite to do to increase the quality, magnetic separation is a simple and effective method of recycling to increase the quality of this application, common in the coal preparation plant.
The broken ore crushing crusher broken cavity into the Iron Crusher will be damaged, commonly used magnetic separation to remove the material in the iron.
Comprehensive utilization of the useful

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