Separation of a Mixture of Solids

Topics: Water, Distillation, Oxygen Pages: 3 (572 words) Published: July 30, 2014

Lab #2 – Separation of a Mixture of Solids

The mixed solution contained benzoic acid, iron, table salt, and sand. When separated using water, fuel, or a magnet, their characteristics and properties changed. The mass of the entire mixed solids was 6.6 grams. When the magnet was used, the iron was immediately picked up. The mass for that was 1.7 grams. The table salt was 1.2 grams. Benzoic acid mass was 0.8 grams and the sand was 1.4 grams after being separated. 

The objective of this lab was to separate and examine different solutions within a solution. In order to separate each element different methods and techniques were used. Separating the iron filings wasn't difficult or lengthy; however it did require patience and a steady hand. Separating the benzoic acid and the table salt took the longest because it needed to air dry causing the water to evaporate. 

While the water was boiling with the table salt, sand, and benzoic acid, the water got thick. It was difficult to separate the solids because they would get stuck to the bottom of the Styrofoam cup. In order to separate the iron filings a magnet was used. The solution first needed to be spread out on a piece of paper. As the magnet was ran over the solution, the iron filings were picked up. It took several tries to get all of the iron picked up. To separate the sand, the burner and distilled water was used. As it boiled, it had to be stirred to make sure it was completely dissolved. Having done this twice ensures that the salt and the benzoic acid are completely removed from the sand. An ice bed was necessary to observe the benzoic acid crystallizing. The ice bed allowed the burning benzoic acid to cool down and change appearance and texture. The sand had to be over low heat to be completely dry. No sand splattered which made it effective for the data. To separate the benzoic acid, filtration was used. The mass of the filter paper was 1.1 grams. The ice bath...
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