the learning curve theory

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The Learning Curve Theory

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The Learning Curve theory
In the Pizza Store Layout simulation the main point here was to reduce average waiting time, queue length, reduce loss, and increase profit.   The first change made was altering the table layout  The second and third changes were the purchase of MenuPoint and the addition of Plax oven. The MenuPoint system reduces the waiters’ processing time up to 5 minutes.     The Plax Oven replaces the two broken ovens and the two working ovens.   It can make up to 8 pizzas in 4 minutes.   To further analyze the situation we need to first understand what the learning curve theory really is. Learning curve theory is a notion that when a new process starts, full achievement will not be at maximum efficiency at first. According to Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano (2006, p. 135). Based on the Pizza Store Layout simulation, Mario’s Pizzeria is a traditional mall-operated store, owned and operated mostly by family. Mario’s wants to reduce the waiting time in the restaurant to improve customer satisfaction. The entire process is based on a trial and error basses and with practice perfection can be acquired.   Individuals and businesses use the learning curve theory for pricing strategies, capital investments, and operating costs. In any business situation and especially in this simulation the main difficulties revolve around the hardships of decreasing wait times, increasing production, and expanding the business. The main strategy here is to analyze the performance of the pizzeria and applies learning curve concepts to improve the existing processes of the company. The main point to realize here is that one needs to be able to estimate areas of improvement and measurement for the coming times and tests of improvement.. Various operating parameters determine profits and costs while making...

References: Jacobs, & Aquilano 2006,
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