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Module 5: Domino’s Case Study
University of North Texas
The form of evaluation should be in the formative format because domino’s is wants to improve their training process. This is evaluation method will allow feedback to be giving to help make the training process more efficient and effective. However, when evaluating the return on investment, on the CD-ROM, the best method will be the summative evaluation method. The evaluation process is necessary for finding out strengths and weaknesses and if the CD-ROM will be worth the investment in creating an efficient and convienent training method. Participants

The participants will be either new hires or random people who does not have any experience making pizza domino’s way. The participants should first learn the traditional way, with a trained Domino’s pizza maker, and later watch the CD-ROM to learn from the new training practice. After both types of training has been completed each participant will give their experimental feedback of the two training methods comparing them to see what is the most effective way to learn how make a domino pizza. Outcomes/methods

Domino’s should used cognitive outcomes; this will test if the trainee understands the principles of making a pizza from watching the CD-ROM. The cognitive outcome will help determine if trainees have learned anything through the training, like understanding techniques and procedures. It is important to find out if not only is the method effective but also is the trainees satisfied with the new training method. Will the CD-ROM be something that can teach trainees the skills to be successful on the job? This is an important question to take into consideration. Next, it is important to make sure that the CD-ROM will contribute to an improvement in the company’s training practices. And last but not least one will want to make sure that the results are up to the company’s standards. It is important to make sure that ever trainee walks away...
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