The Last Legion

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The last Legion

The Last Legion is a film released in 2007 and directed by Doug Lefler. Based on the Italian novel of the same name (The Last Legion) written by Valerio Massimo Manfredi. The Last Legion, a fantasy adventure, inspired by the events of the V century, the fall of the Western Roman Empire under its last Emperor, Romulus Augustus. This joins other facts of history that occurred in Britain and fantastic elements about the legend of King Arthur to provide a basis for the Arthurian legend.

The story begins shortly before the coronation of Romulus as Emperor in the year 470. His father, Flavius ​​Orestes, is the commanding general of the Roman army. Odoacer, leader federated barbarian army, Orestes makes certain demands on the night before the coronation that rejects Orestes.The day of the coronation, Rome is attacked by barbarians who kill Orestes and Romulus takes refuge in Capri with his counselor Ambrosino. While in Capri, are the mythical sword Excalibur and the left. Romulo is rescued from Capri by the loyal Aurelius and some legionaries usually survivors, accompanied by a Byzantine warrior named Mira. Seek help from the Byzantines, but they realize that they have been betrayed and got rid of Odoacer. Romulus and Aurelius decide to seek refuge in Britain, where the Ninth Legion remained loyal to Rome. As they set off in search of the last legion, Romulus and Aurelius together embark on a new beginning.

Although the majority of people did not like the movie, I enjoyed the way they tied the downfall of the Roman Empire into the origins of the King Arthur legends.
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