The Kamasutra

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Kama Sutra, Human sexuality Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: November 6, 2005
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Vito DiGioia
November 4, 2005
English 115
Women More Focused on in the Kamasutra
According to the articles "Pliant and Compliant: Colonial Indian Art and post Colonial Cinema" by Gita Rajan and the "Kamasutra: It Isn't all About Sex by Wendy Doniger", these two texts argue how women are talked about more in the Kamasutra more than and is proven in both articles by citing information from the Kamasutra. Both authors have the same techniques as to stating evidence that is used from the Kamasutra text. Rajan says how women are more focused on in the Kamasutra and cites examples straight from the original text. The book inquires that if parts of the Kamasutra are directed toward women then do they reflect women's voices. For example, in the article "The Kamasutra: It Isn't All about Sex" by Wendy Doniger who cites the text from The Kamasutra states, "The text not only assumes an official male voice (the voice of Vatsyayana) but denies that women's words truly represent their feelings, women's exclamations are taken not as indications of their wish to escape pain being inflicted on them, but merely as part of a poly designed to excite their male partners" (p23). Wendy Doniger states in this essay from the book called The Kamasutra , A woman desires any attractive man she sees ,and, in the same way and man desires a woman" (p 24). The book shows examples of different ways the book is used by women. The book inquires that women have less concern for morality than men do.

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According to the book "The Kamasutra: It Isn't All about Sex" who cited this quote from the Kamasutra states, "The Kamasutra expresses points of view clearly favorable to women, particularly in comparison with other texts of the same era" (p 23). The book gives an example of how women are easily controlled by men's words. Another example would be, in the text it states, "Yet this is also a great move that mitigates the strong female agency in the text…." (p 22). The...
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