The Interracial Mix for a Purer Race

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Miscegenation, Black people Pages: 4 (1612 words) Published: March 31, 2007
The Interracial Mix for a Purer Race

"Black children belong in black homes even if white families are capable and willing to raise them." How is it that Americans can expect racial development, if people such as the National Association of Black Social Workers, a black advocacy group started to address social issues for blacks, are willing to remark in such a way to the idea of interracial adoption? One can fall into the ideas of the NABSW, but in reality people must realize that interracial adoption is a factor in the growth and progression of not only the United States, but of the entire world, and for that reason interracial adoption should be accepted and encouraged. In a racially mixed family, an interracially adopted child is greatly influenced by perspectives on society and race that eventually help build that child's social, racial and personal identity. Therefore, the child becomes a better citizen, and from familial experience has more to offer in society. An interracially adopted child must undergo many racial stereotypes that in life will only make him/her stronger and a more appealing person to society. With the help of their adoptive parents the child can accept the fact that racial distinctions are created by society, and that they should not be affected by the words or thoughts of the people around them. For example, Anthony Petronelli, a black man adopted by white parents, believes that he is "more open-minded as a result of growing up with white parents." Anthony's situation is a very important example of how an interracially adopted child can grow in advantage to other children, and just like Anthony, interracial children eventually become active members in society. Interracially adopted children are advantaged because of the influences their family offers them, especially influences relating to the true mixture of race which allows them to enhance the close minded world around them. Racially mixed people are meant to prove that they are...
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