The Interpretation of Painting and the Appreciation of Music

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THE ARTS: The Interpretation of Painting and the Appreciation of Music VOCABULARY
Ablaze | Brightly lit or brightly coloredStars ablaze with their own luminescence (soft shining light)| Adroit| Very skillful and quickly in the way you think or moveHe is an exceptionally adroit artist| Aesthetic| Related to the enjoyment or study of beautyTo perform an aesthetic function| Aftermath | The period of time after somethingAlthough Van Gogh sold only one painting in his life, the aftermath of his work is enormous| Alien| Very different from what you are used to doShe was not an expert in art, but she could tell a connoisseur from those people who were alien to some basic artistic notions such as that of harmony| Appalled| Very shocked and upset by something very bad or unpleasantI am appalled by these scenes| Appeal| A quality that makes people like somebody or somethingTo many the answer is immediately obvious, the music is the source of appeal at a concert| Apprehensive| Worried or nervous about something that you are going to do or about the futureI was apprehensive about his debut in the title role| Aptitude| A natural ability or skill, especially in learningTo show great aptitude in/for … | Arrangement| A piece of music that has been written or changed for a particular instrumentIt is believed that the new album is suffused with deep emotional intensity captured in 12 arrangements of masterful simplicity| Array| A group of thingsThe artist seems to have experimented with an array of techniques using pastels and watercolors to soften the contours of his figures| Avant-garde| Avant-garde music, literature, etc. is extremely modern and often seems strange or slightly shockingCubism was a 20th century avant-garde art movement pioneered by Pablo PicassoIn the midst of World War I, avant-garde artists were organized in small groups all over Europe| Avowed| Admitted or said publiclyHis avowed aim was to drive every member of his generation to corruption or suicide| Ballroom dancing| A type of dancing that is done with a partner and has different steps for particular types of music, such as waltzSyncopated ballroom dance music, with typically macho lyrics and sexual and aggressive dance moves| Bewildered| Very confusedAbstract art: a product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered| Bizarre| Very unusual or strangeBizarre artworks |

Bleak| Without anything to make you feel happy or hopefulLife sometimes plays tricks on people; although he led a joyful life surrounded by his beloved ones, his end was bleak| Blend | A mixture of different things that combine together wellThey see the pretty blend of color but don’t actually realize what they are looking at| Brush| An object that you use for painting, made with a lot of hairs, bristles or thin pieces of plastic fastened to a handleMatisse took up his brush in a raw, cathartic blurt of energy and authenticity| Brushstroke| The way in which something, especially paint is put on to a surface with a brushCharacteristics of Impressionism painting include visible brush strokes and unusual visual angles| Cameo| A short appearance in a film or playCameo role/appearance| Chamber music| Type of classical music played by a small group of musicians| Changeling| A baby that is believed to have been secretly exchanged for another baby by fairiesA changeling child| Clear-cut | Easy to understand or be certain about [=Definite]His music showed a clear-cut orchestration and sense of color with a predilection for harps and clarinets| Coarse| Having a rough surface that feels slightly hardThe composition conveys the anguish of mental illness through its coarse brushwork and contoured forms| Commonplace| Something that has been said so often that it’s no longer interesting or originalIt is by now commonplace that Schwitters was one of the dozen most influential artists of this century | Compendium...
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