Music is a whole world of art

Topics: Justin Timberlake, Music, Singing Pages: 1 (615 words) Published: May 28, 2014
         Hello, everyone!!! 

         Today we are going to discuss about music, and I think that it is the most interesting topic for everyone because we can talk about our favourite kind of music and favourite singers. Firstly, music is a mysterious world for me. Many people like to listen to music, and think that they understand the essence of this world, but at once they can not get the main idea because this is not enough. Professionally, I do not do music, and I do not sing, but I love to sing and to correct my voice. Also I know how to play the piano little bit. In our house there is a piano which is my mom bought for my older sister when she took lessons piano in childhood. I like how she plays the piano, and sometimes it seems to me that her fingers created specifically for this because she even knows how to play the "Moonlight Sonata" which is one of the supreme creation of Beethoven. After a few lessons that she took I was curious, I was interested in it, and tried to play it myself, and I got it very quickly. Now I sometimes play on this instrument with my sister. When I was in fifth class in secondary school, I took lessons dombra which is Kazakh folk instruments. Even if I did not know how to play it, I tried play on it by thinking that I can do it, but nothing did not work. I could not say that I lost my time because I realized it was not for me. Also, I like rock, sacred music, rap, pop, latin music and county music. Each type of music is unusual in its own way and I always want to listen a different types of music to understand the difference between them. My favourite musicians are Lara Fabian , Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake , Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Cheryl Cole and Eminem. I personally think that being a singer is challenge. I think that such people are born like singer with talent and with a incredible voice which can be gift from God. I usually listen all these singers because they are mysterious and special, but they have one...
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