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  • Opera

    Brittany Pacheco Writing 3: Opera Opera‚ starting out the Baroque period‚ stemmed from Humanism in the Renaissance era. Opera went back to wanting to make people have a emotional response to the music they were listening to through the musical devices that they used to write the music. They were becoming obsessed again with the Greek style of music however‚ they wanted to make it better and so they came up with some of their own new developments for example‚ one device they used was the stile

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  • Opera

    Stanton began playing a very slow soft rhythm. Michelle began to sing in a warm very high pitched tone and this is when I realized that I was at an opera recital. Michelle was singing in what I believe to be Italian. She seemed very familiar with the language as if she studied it. This was completely new to me because I had never been to hear an opera singing before. As Rachel Stanton changed the tempo she played on the piano Michelle would begin to sing more aggressively as she was competing with

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  • the Grand Opera

    Name: 曹奕玲 Student No: 410116174 the Grand Opera──Faust There’s a strict definition of grand opera. According to my research‚ the theme or event of grand opera usually base on dramatic historical events. That’s the reason why I choose this opera──Faust. The introduction of Faust Faust is a grand opera in five acts by Charles Gounod to a French libretto by Jules Barbier and Micheal Carré from Carré’s play Faust et Marguerite‚ which is loosely based on Goethe’s Faust‚ Part 1. Its first debution

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  • opera essay

    production of opera “Armide” by Opera Atelier. Marshall Pynkoski as the Director‚ David Fallis as the Conductor‚ Jeannette Lajeunesse Zingg as Choreographer‚ Gerard Gauci as Set Designer‚ Dora Rust D’Eye as Costume Designer‚ Bonnie Beecher as Lighting Designer‚ Jennifer Parr as Fight Director‚ Arwen MacDonell as Production Stage Manager‚ and Charles Di Meglio as French Diction Coach. On March 7‚ 2012‚ Mr. Kettle’s band classes had the honor to experience a one-day workshop at the Opera Atelier. I have

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  • Italian Opera vs. French Opera

    According to R. Wagner opera does not mean so much a musical work‚ as a musical‚ poetical‚ and spectacular work all at once; opera is the work par excellence‚ to the production of which all the arts are necessary (Sutherland‚ 1). " Opera starts not with music but with its literary source (story or plot)‚ whether it be history‚ biography‚ fiction‚ or mythology in the form of poem‚ play‚ drama‚ novel‚ or original libretto"(Knapp 6). Opera is a combination of mangled drama‚ the singers‚ the music

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  • Baroque Opera

    | Development of the Baroque Italian Opera | Vanessa Phillips | | ID # 100114020 | 11/1/2012 | | Development of the Baroque Italian Opera The word "baroque" comes from the Italian word "barocco" which means bizarre. This word was first used to describe the style of architecture mainly in Italy during the 17th and 18th century. Later on the word baroque was used to describe the music styles of the 1600s to the 1700s. The Baroque period was a time when composers experimented with

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  • Opera History

    MUS HIST 3300/5300 Opera History Spring 2013 Terms and concepts for Midterm For the following terms and concepts from lectures and the assigned chapters in Grout & Williams: please be able to: 1) give a brief definition of each term‚ and 2) relate each term to the repertoire that we have studied Terms‚ by Week/Grout & Williams Chapter: Week 1/Chapter 3-4 Court opera Intermedio Monody (accompanied monody) Giulio Caccini. Le nuove musiche; “recitar cantando‚ cantar recitando”

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  • The Utah Opera

    The Utah Opera is an adhocracy culture and is known as a culture that is externally focused‚ has much value and operates in a flexible manner. This culture is creative‚ adaptable‚ and is fast to grow (Kreitner & Kinicki‚ 2010). These qualities are displayed in Opera culture. Opera has much value on flexibility and allow their business for adjustment in both fundraising project and size of the Opera. This helps them in adjusting their products to be able to meet with their goals. Since Opera is an art

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  • Opera Carmen

    OPERA CARMEN The Story of Georges Bizet’s Famous Opera The scene of Carmen takes place in Seville‚ Spain during the mid 19th century. Main Characters of Carmen Carmen (soprano) Don Jose (tenor) El Dancairo (baritone) El Remendado (tenor) Escamillo (baritone) Frasquita (mezzo-soprano) Mercedes (mezzo-soprano) Micaela (soprano) Morales (bass) Zuniga (bass) Carmen - is an opera in four acts by the French composer Georges Bizet. The libretto was written by Henri Meilhac

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  • The History of Opera

    as an introduction to an extended work‚ such as an opera or oratorio. ✓ Waltz: A ballroom dance in triple time with a strong accent on the first beat. ✓ Sonata: A composition for one or more solo instruments‚ one of which is usually a keyboard instrument‚ consisting of three or four independent movements varying in key‚ mood‚ and tempo. ✓ Aria: A solo vocal piece with instrumental accompaniment‚ as in an opera. ✓ Opera: A theatrical presentation in which a dramatic performance

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