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Brittany Pacheco Writing 3: Opera Opera, starting out the Baroque period, stemmed from Humanism in the Renaissance era. Opera went back to wanting to make people have a emotional response to the music they were listening to through the musical devices that they used to write the music. They were becoming obsessed again with the Greek style of music however, they wanted to make it better and so they came up with some of their own new developments for example, one device they used was the stile...

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Stanton began playing a very slow soft rhythm. Michelle began to sing in a warm very high pitched tone and this is when I realized that I was at an opera recital. Michelle was singing in what I believe to be Italian. She seemed very familiar with the language as if she studied it. This was completely new to me because I had never been to hear an opera singing before. As Rachel Stanton changed the tempo she played on the piano Michelle would begin to sing more aggressively as she was competing with...

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Opera Music

Listening to an opera is one of the most interesting classical music performances you could see live. This 90 minute opera I seen was played on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 and performed at 8 p.m. The name play was Wozzeck by Alben Burg and performed by the Philharmonic Ocrhestra. At the opera the person who was suppose to be the doctor was ill so Kevin Beurdette took Tijil Faveyls place. The people that attended the concert varied, some people were older and other people were young. The type of class...

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Baroque Opera

| Development of the Baroque Italian Opera | Vanessa Phillips | | ID # 100114020 | 11/1/2012 | | Development of the Baroque Italian Opera The word "baroque" comes from the Italian word "barocco" which means bizarre. This word was first used to describe the style of architecture mainly in Italy during the 17th and 18th century. Later on the word baroque was used to describe the music styles of the 1600s to the 1700s. The Baroque period was a time when composers experimented with...

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Opera Carmen

OPERA CARMEN The Story of Georges Bizet's Famous Opera The scene of Carmen takes place in Seville, Spain during the mid 19th century. Main Characters of Carmen Carmen (soprano) Don Jose (tenor) El Dancairo (baritone) El Remendado (tenor) Escamillo (baritone) Frasquita (mezzo-soprano) Mercedes (mezzo-soprano) Micaela (soprano) Morales (bass) Zuniga (bass) Carmen - is an opera in four acts by the French composer Georges Bizet. The libretto was written by Henri Meilhac...

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The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is a classic story in which we are presented with a character (the Phantom) and his oddities, and are actually given the choice whether to like him or to loathe him. In the Story the Phantom is a character who has an impaired judgment and a disfigured face from birth, henceforth disenabling him from distinguishing between right from wrong and coping with society’s norms. It is these mental and facial impediments coupled with his violent and gruesome choices that drive him...

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Manila Grand Opera Hotel

History Manila Grand Opera Hotel The Manila Grand Opera House was built in the mid-19th century as the H.T. Hashim’s National Cycle Track, a circular wooden structure with a nipa roof. 1890, the name was changed to the Teatro Nacional (National Theater), where the Russian Circus and some American theater companies performed. The name was subsequently changed to the Manila Grand Opera House after an extensive expansion of the original theater and its conversion to an opera house in time for the...

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Storytelling Through Opera

Storytelling Through Opera In the following, three operas will be compared by their ability to effectively tell stories through music. The three operas that will be discussed are: “Don Giovanni” by Mozart, “La Boheme” by Puccini, and “Wozzeck” by Berg. All of them represent a different era in classical music, and have similarities and differences. The music will be analyzed both instrumentally and vocally, to show how each is able to communicate to the audience, and tell a story. The first...

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Vivaldi and Venetian Opera

Assignment 4: Vivaldi and Venetian Opera It is apparent just based upon time period (without even initial consideration of the source reading) that gender most definitely played a role in the reception of Vivaldi’s concertos during his lifetime; as one of the musicians who oversaw the instruction of the schools for music students, it is highly likely that he had a hand in shaping the ways by which students in each group were taught, and thus had an influence on gender role in a society of musicians...

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Tippett's Opera Analysis

to fully establish what is meant within the question. Just because an opera receives a positive review, does not necessarily mean it made a significant contribution to the genre. In fact, throughout musical history and across all genres, many performances which are poorly received are the ones which make the biggest contribution. It’s about pushing the boundaries. Therefore, my main focus will be exploring whether Tippett’s Operas pushed the limits of music at the time. I also hope to discover if they...

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