Playing an instrument VS Being the instrument(Reflective Essay)

Topics: Musical instrument, Music, Sound Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: November 18, 2013
Mattieu Maynard
ENG 1110
Reflective Essay
“Playing An Instrument VS Being The Instrument”
Since the beginning of time, I believe there have been music lovers. As time has progressed, we have identified so many different genres and styles of music that have touched our souls in so many ways that, to me, is similar to King Midas turning anything he touched into gold as these musical notes, instruments, harmonies and lyrics reach into the very depths of our self being and seem to spark something inside of us. In my personal experience, music has become a part of my everyday life in the sense that I am a recording artist and I enjoy, rather love creating music and feel like it is the perfect outlet for me to let piece of my mind out and speak to a wide audience of people through a majorly accepted medium. This, however, is not the sole aspect of music that affects us human beings in our everyday lives. There is also the other aspect of creation of music, which is the actual playing of instruments. I believe that this is an important factor of music, also, and is the first aspect of this phenomena that very much exists today. It is believed that in Pre-Historic times, possibly around the same time that paintings were invented, human beings used to create what we now call “flutes” out of animal bones. These sounds created seemed to create a stirring in their emotions and they began to incorporate these sounds into their festivities and other such rituals. The art of singing is believed to have been created from Motherese, which is the vocal-gestural communication between adults and infants. This form of communication involves melodic, rhythmic and movement patterns, as well as the communication of intention and meaning, and in this sense is very much similar to the music we know and love today. Now that we have an insight as to what these aspects are and where they came from, I am going to explore playing the instrument versus being the instrument which,...
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